Obfuscated Lyrics

A few months ago, I tried starting a new hashtag on Twitter, #obfuscatedlyrics. It didn’t really catch on but it seemed to amuse one of my followers as I got a retweet. Maybe it works better in blog form so I have for you here all of my obfuscated lyrics. The basic rule of creating an obfuscated lyric is to replace words or phrases with more complicated or complex words or phrases. In some cases, you can leave the simple words like the articles, conjunctions and linking verbs but the rest needs to be changed. I find it to be loads of fun to think up with my odd sense of humour and maybe some of you out there might have fun figuring them out. Post answers below of if you have some of your own, you can post them below too:

  • How is it possible to me to provide adequate security for you in this chaotic environment? It is satisfactory, satisfactory.
  • Can someone tell me the location of the main organ in my nervous system?
  • I belong to the non-victorious side of a head-to-head competition, therefore I offer you the chance to terminate my existence.
  • It is the 5th day of the week, 5th day of the week, I must assume a physically lower position on the 5th day of the week.
  • Please maintain an accelerated pace in the opposite direction of the luminescence of an urban area.
  • It is not possible for you to interpret the facial expression I use when playing a certain, well-known game of cards.
  • Copulate your Japanese manufactured automobile, I have an equine beast immediately adjacent to this premises.
  • An unnamed group has applied asphalt to an idyllic location, in its place is an area in which to store vehicles.
  • Please allow as much light in thru the window as possible by opening up the long cuts of fabric. A 24 hour period similar to this one in every 365 days would greatly improve my overall well being.
  • At the rear of the shelter used for storing buoyant traveling vessels, I will permit you to view something I have concealed from general knowledge that also hasn’t been exposed to sunlight.
  • I would consider you nothing other than a Canis lupus familiaris used for hunting with very active tear ducts.
  • Halt at this very moment! I would like to express much gratitude. I require someone with the caress of a homo sapien. Attention! I perceive that you constantly move swiftly on foot. Please decrease your speed and engage in amusing activities.
  • You must engage in a physical encounter in order obtain the privilege of attending a social gathering.

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