Where does Santa go on holiday?

Santa is very busy at this time of year and any time he gets a spare minute, which wouldn’t be very often, he probably looks forward to going on holiday. You might think Santa goes to a warm tropical climate for his holiday. I reckon he’s tried that and it didn’t work out. A place like Tahiti would be too much of a drastic change to the cold Arctic climate. I used to go to O’Shea’s in Clonskeagh fairly regularly and I always used to see a guy there who looked just like Santa Claus. This being Ireland, maybe it was. And that’s when it hit me. Santa comes to Ireland for his holidays.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. It’s not to hot and not too cold here. It’s not too much of a drastic change from the North Pole, even in summer (sometimes, OK maybe most of the time). Santa wouldn’t mind the lack of clear skies, the North Pole goes 6 months without any sunshine. After all that running around and flying around this time of year, all he wants to do is sit down and relax. Santa travels the world knows and knows all the best places to take it easy and everyone knows there isn’t a comfier place than a seat in an Irish pub. Saint Nick also knows that Ireland’s a place where people don’t make too much of a big deal when they see a celebrity. When he’s here, he knows he can enjoy a pint without being disturbed. After staring at snow for most of the year, a pint of stout would be his obvious drink of choice. And where do you get the best stout in the world? Answers on a Christmas card.



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